Sunu band

Price $299

Sunu band is the first sonar mobility band that enhances the navigation experience for the visually impaired by improving spatial awareness through the combination of sonar-echolocation technology with precision haptic feedback.

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Sunu band combines sonar-echolocation technology with precision haptic vibration feedback to enable the users to sense objects and obstacles within their environment. Sunu band combines powerful built-in sensors with our smart mobile app that adds continuous functionalities - providing full customizability and control for the user.

-Ultrasonic sensor -Precision haptic driver -Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) -Rechargeable battery provide 4 hours (continuous sonar use) and up to 48 hours (watch mode) -Warranty - One (1) year limited manufactures warranty. -15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Includes a standard 20mm watch strap and buckle that fits most men and women sizes.

Ships worldwide.